Kia Motors Extends Warranties Amidst Stay-at-home Orders for Select Vehicles

April 8th, 2020 by

Many people all over the world are facing challenges with the pandemic of COVID-19, making it hard to travel for simple things like groceries or to make it to work every morning. The middle of April is expected to be the worst of it, and citizens are being asked to stay inside unless absolutely necessary – period. Although it may not seem like much, some automakers are trying to support their consumers as well as the community, and Kia Motors is one of many stepping up. If not in the know, Kia Motors has some of the best and longest-lasting automotive warranties in the industry. With many consumers unable to leave their homes for repairs or maintenance on the vehicle that gets them around, Kia Motors is extending warranties currently in effect with the “Kia Promise”.

What is the Kia Promise? Simply put, the Kia Motors Corporation is launching a global warranty extension program for its vehicles. Because many people around the world are currently limited in movement, this program is intended to give them a bit of a buffer, with many hoping that the coronavirus outbreak will simmer down by the summertime. The intention is to help all vehicles still covered with their original Kia warranties and expire between February 1 and April 30, 2020. If owning a Kia Motors vehicle with a warranty coming to a close, the program will be extending the warranty expiration date for all eligible vehicles to June 30, 2020.

The Kia Promise is going worldwide to help people on a global scale, extending the program in 142 countries. It has not been stated if the United States will be included in the program, but it wouldn’t make much sense (and would lose a lot of brand loyalty), if Kia Motors forgot about its American demographic. Surely, we’re included in the predicted 500,000+ consumers that could benefit from the Kia Promise warranty extension.

“By extending Kia’s comprehensive warranty cover to customers who may be affected by the pandemic, Kia Motors hopes they have one less thing to worry about during this time. Our goal is to help to alleviate any concerns our customers have about vehicle maintenance during periods of social distancing.” – Senior Vice President and Head of Global Customer Experience Division at Kia Motors Corporation, Sangdae Kim

Again, it may not seem like a big deal, but every little bit of good news is great news given the current circumstances. With everyone practicing social distancing, and many states locked down, there are consumers out there who love their Kia vehicle, and may be kicking themselves for not doing maintenance at the beginning of the year. For consumers who may be unable to visit a workshop during this time, take a breather. Your Kia Motors vehicle is covered for a bit longer (if the warranty was intended to expire between February 1 and April 30, 2020).

Consumers don’t need to do anything on their part for the moment. Kia Motors has claimed that it will contact all affected customers separately soon and will provide them with more details on the Kia Promise program. Do you have a vehicle covered under the Kia Promise? Share your thoughts on Miami Lakes Kia social media.

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